The other benefits screen

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Enter the following data:



Select the type of benefit from the drop down menu. This determines where the benefit is reported on the form P11D. It is also crucial in determining whether Class 1A NI will be calculated on the benefit, or alternatively where the benefit is liable to Class 1 NI which should be accounted for via the payroll.

You may find further guidance in the HMRC booklet CWG2, which you can access from the home page.


Enter a description for the benefit. This is reportable on the P11D for certain benefits.


Enter the total expense incurred in providing the benefit.

Made Good

Enter the amount, if any, that the employee paid for the benefit.

Date benefit granted

The default is "during current year" making the benefit reportable on the P11D. However, you may enter benefits provided after the tax year end and the information can then be rolled forward into the following year’s program.

Note: If the employee is only partially liable to National Insurance in the year, you will need to enter a specific date for the benefit to determine the Class 1A liability associated with it.


Note: Where you have used the transaction method for calculating a taxable cheap loan benefit you should not re-enter details of any associated waivers in the other benefits screen. For all other loans, whether simple method or not beneficial, enter the loan waiver details here.