Employees - an overview

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The employees screen is split in two parts.


The top half of the screen shows a list of employees, showing their Forename, Surname, NI Number, Staff Number, the total of their taxable benefits, and the associated Class 1A liability. In addition, the error status of the employee is shown at the beginning of the row.


The list can be sorted by clicking the appropriate column header. Individuals or groups of employees may be selected using Find.


Selecting an employee in the list will update the lower half of the screen with that employee’s details and benefits.


The employee data is arranged on the following tabs:



Details about the employee: e.g. name, NI number, dates of employment.


Accommodation provided by reason of employment.


Allocating scheme benefits.


Taxable cheap loans.


Allocating company cars from the car standing data.


Van benefits.


Assets made available for private use.


All other benefits governed by the general rule.


Contact information for the employee for reporting to them, including their email address.