Employee details

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The following information can be entered on the employee details tab:.



The forename is mandatory.


The employee’s surname is mandatory.

NI Number

The NI Number can be entered in upper or lower case. Do not include spaces. Note that you cannot allocate the same NI Number to more than one employee.

If the NI Number is invalid or missing, then the Date and Birth and Gender must provided. For electronic submissions (i.e. FBI and Magnetic Media) the Date of Birth will be replaced with a default 01 January 1901 if this is not specified.

Staff Number

Enter the employee’s staff number here. This is used for finding individual employees and sorting the employees list.

Date of Birth

On electronic submissions, the employees’ date of birth will only be reported to HMRC when the NI Number is invalid or missing.


On electronic submissions, the employee’s gender will only be reported to HMRC when the NI Number is invalid or missing.

PAYE Reference

A new employee will automatically have the Use employer’s default PAYE reference box checked, and the reference will appear in the box. However, if you have set up more than one PAYE Reference and wish to allocate the employee to one other than the default, select the correct reference from the drop-down menu.

Date Started

The default entry will be Before Year Start. Enter the start date if during the year.

Date Left

The default entry will be After Year End. Enter the leaving date if during the year.

Employee is a director

Check this box if the employee is a director of the employer. This will appear on the form P11D.




Where employee statuses have been set up, select the appropriate status from the drop-down menu.

Class 1A Liability

The default button will be Complete period liable to UK National Insurance.

If, however, you have employees who are either not liable for the whole of their period of employment in the year, or for only part of the year, use these buttons and dates to enter the appropriate period. This is likely only to apply where you have expatriate and inpatriate employees.

Where an employee has only a partial liability for Class 1A NI, the program will prorate taxable benefit values to calculate the liability where possible. Care should be taken around loans , vans and specific date benefits.

Employee Group

Where you have set up group types, use the drop down menus to select the name of the group within each type to which to allocate the employee.