The accommodation screen

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The following entries should be made on the accommodation screen:



Enter a description for the property


Enter the date that the property was first made available to the employee


Enter the last date on which the property was made available to the employee

6+ years checkbox

Check the box where the property has been owned for more than six years before the date that the employee first occupied it

Acquisition cost

Enter the purchase price of the property including improvements prior to the start of the tax year

Annual value

Enter the annual value of the property. In the UK this is taken to be

England and Wales: 1973 gross rating value

Northern Ireland: 1976 gross rating value

Scotland: 1985 gross rating value divided by 2.7

Market Value

Enter the market value of the property as at the date of first occupation by the employee where you have checked the 6+ years box and the acquisition cost is more than £75,000

Employee capital contribution

Enter any capital contribution made by the employee

Employer incidental costs

Enter any associated incidental costs incurred by the employer in the period

Made good

Enter any amounts that the employee has paid towards the use of the property


Note: Where the property is provided furnished, a chargeable benefit will arise on the furniture etc, as a use of asset.