Car Standing details tab

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The car details screen contains the following data:



Enter the make of the car. You may include the model in addition to the make in this box.


Enter the model of the car.


Enter the car’s registration number. This is not reported to HMRC, but is used as a unique reference when allocating cars to employees.

Engine type

Select the engine type of the car from the drop-down menu.

Engine cc

Enter the exact engine capacity in ccs.

CO2 emissions

Enter the CO2 emissions in g/km. If the car is a 'zero emissions car' then you should put a figure of '0' in this box.

Official CO2 figures

A link is provided to the Vehicle Certification Agency website to look up official CO2 figures where you do not have that information to hand.

No approved CO2

Check this box where there is no official UK or EU value for the car’s CO2 emissions.

List Price

Enter the published manufacturer’s list price on the date the car was first registered. More information about calculating the price of a car and accessories can be found in the HMRC booklet 480.

Market Value

Where the car is a "classic car" for benefit rules enter the current market value.

Registration Date

Enter the date on which the car was first registered in the UK.


Optional field to show when the car joined the current fleet if later than registration.


Optional field to show when the car was removed from the current fleet.

Representative Car

Where you have multiple vehicles which are identical apart from their registration number, you can check the representative car box to enable you to allocate the same vehicle details to multiple employees, rather than input each car separately.