Car Standing - an overview

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The details of company cars are entered as a fleet in the Car Standing screen which can be accessed using the Car Standing icon on the outlook bar and are then allocated to employees. The data file can be used to hold data for cars which are unallocated or Pool cars as well as those that give rise to employee benefits.


The car standing screen is split into two parts.


The top part of the screen lists all the cars entered into the data file, showing their registration number, make and model and the benefit percentage figure calculated by the software from the CO2 data entered. In addition, the error status of the car is shown at the beginning of each row.


You can search for a particular car from the Car Standing screen by Registration, Make, Model or for those acquired during the year, or disposed of during the year by selecting using the Find function. Additionally this year you can sort the car data list by clicking on the title bars of Registration, Make, Model or Benefit Percentage.


The lower part of the screen contains the details for the selected car. The details are arranged on the following tabs:

Car Details

Optional Extras

Allocation details


Once you have set up your cars, you can allocate them to employees from the employee's car screen.