Employee Pack

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The Employee Pack… option in the Reports menu will open the following dialog screen:


Employee pack - 2017_538x453


You may select the employees for whom you wish to produce reports, and the order in which to sort them.


Where you have set-up employee statuses you may select those employees with a particular status, and/or upgrade the employee status for each employee selected.


The reports that may be included in the Employee Pack are as follows:


Cover Letter


You must have created the cover letter from the Letters… option on the Tools menu. Check the box to include a cover letter and choose the appropriate letter from the drop down list



Check the box to include the P11D form. The default will be to only show those sections of the form where data has been entered. Check the box to show blank sections if required


No Appendix


Short Appendix


Long Appendix



A brief summary of the benefit entries


A detailed explanation of the entries on the P11D

Page E1 of the Tax Return


A facsimile of Page E1 of the Self Assessment tax return to guide employees about where to disclose their benefits information