Roll Forward

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If you used the P11D Solutions for 2015/16 you can select the relevant data to roll forward into the current program. To do this:


Click on the Roll Forward 15/16… button on the login page

Select from the available roll forward options which items you wish to carry forward in addition to the default data (i.e. employee details etc.). Please note, the available options will not be rolled forward if the check boxes are left unchecked

The default selection will roll forward non-year specific data and details of benefits arising in the 2015/16 year, both where their allocation extends beyond 5 April 2016 and where the date of the benefit arising is in the 2016/17 tax year



oOverrides this will roll forward the amounts that have been used as overrides in the previous year’s file

oYear specific data this relates to items such as private use contributions, made good amounts etc

oOther Benefits all other benefits can be rolled forward despite not having a date specified in the 2015/16 tax year

Click the Browse… button and locate last year’s data file that you wish to roll forward

Enter a valid "username" and "password" for any user that has access to last year’s data file

Click on the Start button to begin the roll forward process

Choose a name for the 2016/17 data file and click Save. Please note that the data file extension will include the tax year so that you can easily identify the correct year’s file to open in the 2016/17 program


The file will then open automatically.