Saving data

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CS P11D  works in a similar way to other Microsoft Office applications, such as Word or Excel. You will need to save the data file each time you have used the program and added, amended or deleted any data entries. "Save required" will appear at the bottom left of the screen when you have made changes to the file that are not yet saved.


As with other Microsoft Office applications we recommend you save your data file to a secure network to ensure that in the event of a hardware failure your data will be backed up.


If you try to close a data file without saving the program will prompt you to do so.


We recommend that you save your data regularly, by either:

selecting the Save option from the File menu, or

clicking the File Save icon file_save_icon on the toolbar


If you are planning to make significant bulk changes to the file, such as importing or deleting, we recommend that you take a copy of the file before making the changes by renaming your data file. Select the Save As option from the File menu.


As you use the program to input data benefit calculations will be updated automatically and instantaneously. Please note that until you leave a cell (i.e. click out of it) the record will not be updated.