Entering dates

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Date entries can be made in any format, e.g. 30/06/2016, 30/6/16, 30 Jun 16, 30 June 2016.


Alternatively, a date can be selected by clicking on the calendar icon next to the date box and highlighting the correct date.


Clicking on the year title on the calendar is a useful way of selecting a date without scrolling backwards or forwards over years. Similarly clicking on the month title will reveal all twelve months in a list for easy selection.


Date - 2017_276x205


If you do not enter a date where it is optional, the appropriate default value will appear, for example "Before Year start" or "On Joining".


Note: where a date is required, e.g. on the provision of a benefit for someone who is only partially liable to NI during the year, a critical error will appear until a valid date is entered.


If you have entered a date and wish to restore the default value, open the calendar icon and select the link at the bottom or delete the date in the box.


If you have an employee who leaves during the tax year you will be required to enter a "Date Left" on the Details screen. Subsequently on certain benefits (such as Cars and Schemes etc) the default End Date will be "On Leaving" which will be the same as the "Date Left".