Deleting records

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Deleted data cannot be recovered. You should consider saving or backing up your data file before deleting entries if you are unsure.


To delete an entry highlight the item on the list and:

press the delete key, or

click the delete icon delete_icon on the toolbar, or

select the Delete option from the Edit menu.

A warning dialog may appear if the item cannot be deleted. For example, you cannot delete a car where it is already allocated to one or more employees. In this case you must first delete the allocations.


To delete an employer click on the Delete link for the relevant employer on the home page


Note: If you delete an employer, you will also delete ALL records associated with that employer, including all employees, cars and benefit records. A warning dialog will be displayed.


Bulk Delete from the Tools menu allows you to delete a large amount of data in one step. A dialog box will open as follows allowing you to select the employees, benefits or addresses to delete.


Bulk Delete - 2017