Adding new records

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To add a new employer either:

click the Add New Employer link from the home page or

select the New Employer option from the File menu.


To add a new employer either:

double-click the Add New… item that appears at the bottom of each list, or


select the Add New… item and press the Enter key.


You can also add to lists in the top half of the screen, i.e. employees, cars, schemes, PAYE Refs or groups, by:

Selecting the Add New option on the Edit menu

Clicking on the Add icon add_new_record_icon on the toolbar.


Lists in the lower half of the screen, e.g. benefits, scheme costs etc, can be added to additionally by clicking on the add_new_item_iconbutton which appears to the right of the list.


Please note you cannot add records whilst the Summary screen is displayed.