Electronic Lodgement

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Details of HMRC’s technical documentation on electronic submission (Expenses and Benefits Returns on Magnetic Media) has been included with the software and details of how to make your submission can be found in Section 2.


Select the Electronic Lodgement option on the Tools menu. The following details should be entered on the screen:



Check the boxes for the employers to be included

PAYE Reference

Check the boxes for the PAYE References to be included

Submitter reference

Enter your submitter reference

Submitter name

Enter your submitter name

Save location

Enter the location for the data to be saved

Sub-return number

Enter the number for this sub-return

Total sub-returns

Enter the total number of sub-returns to be submitted

Restrict to employees with valid NI numbers

Check the box if you have less than 95% valid NI numbers as the lodgement will fail. You may need to submit paper returns for those employees with invalid numbers


Select the employees by status to include from the drop-down menu. Select whether to update the status of employees following electronic lodgement from the drop-down menu


Click the Export button


Select the destination for the file to be created. We recommend that you save the file to your hard drive from which it will be copied later onto floppy disks and NOT directly to the floppy disk drive. This will ensure that you have a copy of what you are submitting to HMRC.


When preparing to submit to HMRC, use Windows explorer to copy the files to disks.