Submitting the File

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Please note – you must be registered with HMRC to submit FBI returns.


To submit your file via FBI to HMRC:


1.Produce the FBI Submission file from within CS P11D 2017, by simply clicking Tools from the menu, then File By Internet. Follow the on-screen instructions, e.g. for P46(Car) submissions, select the relevant item and provide the details required to complete the file generation.

2.Select your submission file that was generated from step 1.

3.Enter your username and password as supplied by HMRC.

4.Click Submit to start the submission process.




Once the file has been received by HMRC a "wait request" message will be sent to your computer while the file is processed. The program will wait the specified time and then reconnect to HMRC for a progress update. This will be repeated until the HMRC site has validated the file.


If successful, the program will display "Submission Complete" with a correlation ID. This correlation ID is extremely important and will allow HMRC to track your submission file. Make a note of the ID as soon as you receive notification of a completed submission.


An email should be sent by HMRC automatically to the relevant contact who set up the FBI account.


Once a file has been successfully submitted, confirmation can be sought by telephoning the EBU live submission help line on 0300 200 3600 and providing your correlation ID.


If, exceptionally, the submission file had invalid entries, an error message will be displayed with a link to an error file. Click on the link to open the file and save to a convenient location. Then please forward the error file to the CS P11D  dedicated support team at for assistance.